Legend Press Reveals Skin in FBF pre-empt

Legend Press are delighted to announce the acquisition of World rights for SKIN by Liam Brown. The deal was made by Legend Press's Commissioning Editor Lauren Parsons with Laura Macdougall at United Agents.

Following the success of Liam Brown’s novel last year, BROADCAST, which was optioned by a major Hollywood studio and sold into multiple languages, SKIN is a pitch-black comedy following the outbreak of the plague that makes humans allergic to touch. The only way for life to continue is for all the survivors to live in hermetically sealed rooms, only communicating through the internet and never having contact with another person ever again. 

By presenting a dystopian vision of a future that is at once preposterous yet somehow chillingly plausible, SKIN begins to question what it is that makes us human, and whether human connection is truly possible without physical contact.

Liam Brown is a novelist and short story writer from Birmingham, England. His first two novels Real Monsters (2015) and Wild Life (2016) were each nominated for the Guardian’s Not the Booker Prize. 

Lauren Parsons, Commissioning Editor of Legend Press comments: ‘We are thrilled to be working with Liam on his new novel. Everything Liam writes is compulsive reading. He is truly one of the most exciting voices on the UK literary scene.’

Skin will be published by Legend Press on 1st May 2019. The rights for the novel will be represented at Frankfurt Bookfair by Legend Press Licensing Manager Sarah Nicholson, who recently joined the growing small press team from Lonely Planet.