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by Jonathan Reuvid Read profile


Tons of malicious content flood the internet which can compromise your system and your device be it your laptop, tablet or phone. How often do you pay online? How often do you sit at a coffee shop and log onto their free wifi? How often do you use social media on the train or buses? If you believe that using antivirus will keep you safe... you are probably wrong.

"Online fraud, cyber bullying, identity theft – these are the unfortunate by products of the cyber age where we all have an online profile and have become dependent on the internet for everything from establishing the weather to shopping and online banking.  The challenge is how do we protect ourselves in the online world?  Conquer the Web provides practical guidance in an easy to understand language that allows readers to take a small number of steps that will greatly increase their online security.  A must read for anyone looking to upskill  their cyber awareness." Steve Durbin, Managing Director of Information Security Forum Limited