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Has your management ever said any of the following to you...

  • That's just the culture here;
  • I don't want to hear anybody using the word can't;
  • We like a can-do attitude here;
  • You're going to have to learn to do more with less;
  • You're being inflexible; You're not being a team player;
  • Is this plan based on a five day week?
  • You're lucky to have a job;
  • We don't have time to plan it, just go do it;
  • JFDI [where the J stands for just, the D for do and the I for it]
  • We have no choice we have to do it;
  • That's not the kind of attitude we want around here;
  • We want can-do people here;
  • I don't think you're suited to the culture of this organisation.

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