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This book will enable you to harness the power of persuasion in your organisation.

  • Learn how to be on the same wavelength very rapidly with anyone you meet in your business world.
  • Achieving all the goals you set yourself, in whatever area of your life you choose.
  • Transform you leadership competence.
  • Transform your team-building competence
  • Learn how to create growth from changes
  • Transform your company's profitability 

Not only will you learn WINNING WAYS TO WORK, but enable the organisation you serve to do likewise. You will be able to harness your new powers of persuasion to ensure that you get onto the fast track to the top ASAP.


‘I recommend Winning Ways to Work to all managers or those ambitious to become one.’

--Brian Baldock, former CEO GUINESS Brewing, Chair of M&S and MENCAP

‘There are many books about how to succeed in business but Rupert has definitely produced one of the most stimulating. The focus on personal behaviour and the fundamental aspect of setting clear goals provides valuable guidance for us all at any stage in our careers.’

--Miles Templeman, Director General of the Institute of Directors (IOD)

Winning Ways to Work is both useful and highly readable. People of all levels of seniority can enhance their skills and improve their prospects by taking on board the messages of Rupert's book. ‘

--Jonathan Bond, Director of HR & Learning at Pinsent Masons