Ian Flitcroft

Author of 'The Reluctant Cannibals' (2013)

Ian Flitcroft studied medicine at Oxford University, and then went on to complete a D.Phil in Neurophysiology. During these 9 years, he started developing a fascination with all things culinary and on finishing his doctorate, gained dining rights at Pembroke College as a John Lockett Memorial Scholar.

Ian has travelled around the world twice (once in each direction) and sampled many of the world's strangest foods en-route from snakes and scorpions, to a soup in Thailand that required all his anatomical knowledge to deduce its contents. Ian is a long term member of the Slow Food Movement in Ireland, a collector of old culinary-related books and an avid cook and wine collector. Ian now works as a consultant eye surgeon in Dublin, where he has lived for over 10 years. Ian is a contributor to the New Scientist Magazine and the best-selling book Do Polar Bears Get Lonely. Ian writes an award-winning blog Journey to Starlight, which has been made into a graphic novel to be published in the USA in 2013.

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