Flash Fiction Tuesdays: Two Sides by Sarah James

Every week, we bring you a fresh, original 200-word story from one of of Legend's stable of exceptionally talented authors. Follow us on twitter with #LegendFlashFic to share and comment. This week, we present Two Sides by Sarah James

Two Sides



Liz finds the dying fledgling on the school run the same day she discovers a blue scarf shoved in her husband’s pocket.

Walking home with the now dead bird plastic-wrapped in her bag, she tries not to think of the azure silk’s soft perfume.

She washes up plates, empties recycling, tidies their mundane. Outside, flickers of sky. She wills herself not to smell flowers on another woman’s skin.

When she asks, Pete mutters, “How would I have chance?”

She chooses, this time, to believe him but burns the blue fabric with the fledgling, to mask the orchid scent.




Why a half-buried mallet in the grass?

The lawnmower doesn’t know, doesn’t care. It groans slightly louder than when it chopped a frog’s leg, then jolts over.

Why a mallet?

If they were still talking, Liz would ask. No sign of new tents, washing lines, fences…

The wood hasn’t rotted?

Last time they talked, she asked Pete’s forgiveness. He refused. One house, one lawn, two separate lives.

What else have they left half-buried?

Below red roof-tiles, ceilings of hoisted canvas; a single beanpole props the sagging.

She looks at her son’s picture – tall, gangly, a smile just like his father’s.


Sarah James also writes as Sarah Leavesley and is the author of several works of fiction and poetry. For more information visit her website here