Flash Fiction Tuesdays - The Encounter by Susannah Beard

Every week, we bring you a fresh, original 200-word story from one of of Legend's stable of exceptionally talented authors. This week we present The Encounter by Susannah Beard, author of Dare To Remember. Follow us on twitter with #LegendFlashFic to share and comment.

The skin on her neck prickles as they approach: a warning. They are five: tall, gangly, barely adult. Skinnies, skate shoes, hoodies. They walk towards her on the narrow pavement with the swagger of the righteous. Hands in pockets, eyes on her.

Her mind races. Skirt round, focus on the leader. Hit and run. Punch at his face, jab at his throat, his eyes. Surprise is your weapon. Her head says: stay calm, you can do this. Her heart says: I can’t! Run! Danger!

The light in the street is fading. It’s silent but for the thudding in her chest, her rasping breath.

She drops into the road, her sneakers light on the tarmac. There’s a car parked further on, in her way; she’s forced to wait while they pass. Three steps, two, one… she lifts her hands, palms towards the leader. Her heart beats like thunder in her ears, her muscles scream with tension.

A hood conceals his face. He pauses, shifts his step towards her, lifts his head.

“Y’all right, Mel?” His smile is a beacon in the gathering gloom.

“Yeah, good thanks.”

“See yah.”

She walks on, smiling. 


Suasannah Beard is the author of Dare To Remember, availble online and in bookshops