Tom Chalmers Final Five Legendary Resolutions for 2018!

So, the wait is over. Here is my second set of five Legendary resolutions for 2018. These are less focused on our business and more what I hope we will see in the wider book world.

1) More customer-focused events

While we can’t completely follow the growth in the music industry – perhaps only JK Rowling could attract 100,000 people at Wembley to listen to a book reading – events now play a huge role in most creative sectors. Whether its book signings, book groups or new festivals, I hope publishers will continue to innovate over the platform that can provide to their authors to put them directly in front of book fans.

2) More mainstream media coverage for authors

We see musicians, TV and film stars on nearly all mainstream talkshows but hardly ever an author (again possibly aside from JK…). Why is this – are authors seen as hermits hidden away in their studies writing? Unlike film stars, who are just acting out someone’s script, novelists have written their own work so surely there is much to cover in mainstream media. It would be nice to finally see them given a higher profile.

3) More positively about the customer from publishers

We’ve been through the doldrums stage – ‘no one reads anymore’, ‘people are only buying trash’ etc. – and book sales are tentatively increasing again. So it’s time as publishers not to be feeling sorry for ourselves and making excuses but focusing on the millions of book buyers that exist around the world and working harder to serve and entertain them.

4) More championing of the brilliance of the novel

I recently reader the Arts Council report on the sliding interest in literary fiction over recent years and it emphasized to me that publishers rather than assuming should be doing more to champion the brilliance of the novel. There are not many forms of entertainment so diverse, capable of providing hours of enjoyment or even changing lives as a novel can, so we need to be shouting louder about how amazing these little bound piles of paper are.

5) More people buying books!

An obvious statement but the only place to end – the book market is slowly building up some momentum over the two years, in particular in innovation and dynamism from the small presses. There are millions of book fans around the world, so hopefully the next year will see books flying onto reading devices and off the shelves in greater quantities than ever before!

Here’s to a probably unpredictable but definitely very exciting 2018 ahead!


Legend Press wish all our readers and writers a wonderful festive season and a bright, shiny New Year!