Tom Chalmers - Publishing Isabella 's Book and Please Support the Lyttle Fight!

Battling away every day with the motivation and passion but also stresses and strains of running businesses, there are always moments that put everything in perspective. One was when Legend Press was approached late last year by the brilliant Josie's Dragonfly Trust.

Isabella is ten years old and suffers from Neuroblastoma. During her third relapse she began to write a story, each day typing away on her laptop on her hospital bed. Her family thought it would be great for Isabella to see her fantastic story in print and via her brilliant social worker and Josie’s Dragonfly Trust, Legend Press were contacted.

We were obviously very happy to oblige and with such a well written and presented story it didn’t take long to turn it into a book and send copies to Isabella.

You can read the full story here: https://www.facebook.com/LyttleFight/posts/1782405968722596

Importantly, some copies of the book are being sold to help support the Lyttle Fight (@LyttleFight), which is aiming to raise £200,000 to send Isabella for pioneering and potentially life-saving cancer treatment in the United States.

So far £30,000 has been raised, so if you are able to support in any way, feel free to visit Isabella’s JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/solvingkidscancer/isabellalyttle

And finally, congratulations Isabella on the fantastic book and becoming a published author!