Flash Fiction Winner - Inspector Joe Kerr and the Cold Caller

We present Inspector Joe Kerr and the Cold Caller by Jim Saunders, one of our current Flash Fiction winners. Every winner can choose a title from our current catalogue - if you would like to enter please see details at the bottom of the post.

I was at home, the phone rang. A voice said “Hello Mr Johnson, you were involved in a car accident recently”. Instinct told me it was one of those ambulance chasing cold callers. Adopting a serious tone I said “I’m detective Insector Kerr, Hull CID , Mr Johnson, has been reported missing, possibly abducted, who are you?” Silence, so I continued  “I need to know who you are for our enquiry, so don’t hang up, we can trace this call if necessary. The voice, suddenly less confident said

 “Alright, what do you want to know”

“Firstly your name”

“Roger Moffat”

“So what’s your connection to Mr Johnson”

A pause “There isn’t one”

“Then why the call”

“It’s about car accident involving Mr Johnson”

“So you’re from his insurance company”

“Er, no”

“What!, Mr Moffat I’m not sure you’re being straight with me, we need to do this down the station, Do you know Hull ”

I note of disbelief, “But I live in Brighton”

“That’s unfortunate sir, I expect to see you tomorrow afternoon at Hull Central Police Station. Ask for Detective Inspector Joe Kerr when you arrive”. Putting the phone down I exploded with suppressed laughter.


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