Flash Fiction Winner - The Calling Card by Sarah Wilding

We present Inspector The Calling Card by Sarah Wilding, one of our current Flash Fiction winners. Every winner can choose a title from our current catalogue - if you would like to enter please see details at the bottom of the post.

It was a dark, wet November day. My flat was cold and clammy like the inside of a raincoat pocket.

I’d yet to get out of bed. I could find no reason why. Then the mail hit the mat.

Bills. A square white envelope caught my eye. I stared at it for a moment. No address, no stamp.

I slit the envelope with a thumbnail. What kind of joker had sent this? It was a playing card, with no note attached. I walked over to the window to get a better look. It was crisp and new and still slick. The pattern on the back was unremarkable.

But that’s when things got interesting.

I remembered the last time I’d seen a card like this, back at the poker room in O’Donaghues. It was dark and discreet, my kind of place. The barman never poured less than two fingers of whisky. It was that fateful game when the platinum blonde took me for all I’d got, repaid in spades back at my place afterwards.

I guess this was just her way of saying I’d see her again. I put my .38 under the pillow and went back to bed to wait.


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