Author interview with Jane Isaac

Jane Isaac has been interviewed by popular book blogger Mari Ellis Dunning on her blog Wonderfully Weird Writing.

Mari reviewed the book earlier this month and commented ‘If you like Agatha Christie, Patricia Cornwall and Gillian Flynn, you’ll love The Truth Will Out.’  You can read the full review here

Jane was speaking about her debut novel The Truth Will Out which is published by Legend Press on 1st April. Below is a snippet from the interview:

Helen is a strong female protagonist. Is it important to you to have a female lead in the books you read and write?

No, not necessarily. I think the reason Helen became a woman initially was because I felt more comfortable writing in those shoes. I know how women talk and think and everything like that, so I began with writing in a female voice, but in my next book the lead is a man, which has been really interesting. I am going to write another Helen Lavery novel. As a woman, it’s probably easier to write through the eyes of another woman. I did so much research for Helen’s character, so much. I interviewed people at all different levels of the police-force. I wanted a character that was believable and relatable. I wanted her to be like somebody you would know. I made sure that she could fit in to my local police-force – she could be a character there, and obviously she’s got to be pretty ordinary as well.

Read the full interview here