Legend Bites - Jane Isaac talks about BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE

Jane Isaac talks about her new psychological crime novel 'Before It's Too Late'.


I concentrated hard, desperately listening for something familiar, the sound of life. 

I heard nothing. 

Just my own breaths and the wind, whistling through branches above… The thought made me shiver. 

I am buried alive.

Following an argument with her British boyfriend, Chinese student Min Li is abducted whilst walking the dark streets of picturesque Stratford-upon-Avon alone.

Trapped in a dark pit, Min is at the mercy of her captor. Detective Inspector Will Jackman is tasked with solving the case and in his search for answers discovers that the truth is buried deeper than he ever expected.

But, as another student vanishes and Min grows ever weaker, time is running out. Can Jackman track down the kidnapper, before it’s too late?

'Before It's Too Late' by Jane Isaac will be published by Legend Press on 1st June 2015.

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