by Sophie Duffy Read profile


Published 5th April 2018

Philippa Smith is in her forties and has a beautiful newborn baby girl. She also has no husband, and nowhere to turn. So she turns to the only place she knows: the beginning. Retracing her life, she confronts the daily obstacles that shaped her very existence. From the tragic events of her childhood abandonment, to the astonishing accomplishments of those close to her, Philippa learns of the sacrifices others chose to make, and the outcome of buried secrets. 

Philippa discovers a celebration of life, love, and the Golden era of television. A reflection of everyday people, in not so everyday situations.

‘Sophie Duffy has written a powerful first novel & shows huge promise’ Katie Fforde 

‘Sophie Duffy is a talent to be reckoned with. She writes with empathy, clarity and huge skill. Read The Generation Game and enjoy!’ Margaret Graham

‘A warm, moving, wonderful read’ Wendy Holden

‘An extraordinary story … A born storyteller with a gift for characterisation, she writes with warmth, lovely earthy detail and a pathos which keeps a lump lodged in the throat … echoes of Victoria Wood and Laurie Graham, it is a cracking first novel’ Daily Mail

‘Deftly written, very moving’ The Bookbag

‘A book you just can’t put down’ Western Morning News

‘A brave, bold, warm, rich, amusing, engaging novel which sits well alongside more established authors like Kate Atkinson’s Behind the Scenes at the MuseumHello

‘This is a beautifully written book … The characters are quite simply brilliant’ Vanity Case Books