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Published 1st April 2019

There’s life Before Baby and life After Baby. Any idiot knows that. I knew that. Except I didn’t know what life After Baby would really be like…

Georgie Henderson is discovering that in the twenty-first century being a Good Working Mum means answering emails at midnight while you purée vegetables, line up play dates and French lessons for your four-month-old daughter.

Georgie’s ex, Jase, gets 100 per cent of the credit for 5 per cent of the work, and her best friend, Nina, is on a ‘self-discovery’ journey that involves a young bartender and a plan to become an artisanal florist. And all Georgie’s mum wants is for Georgie to find a man. Preferably the one who is the father of her child.

‘Lauren Sams is the hilarious best friend you haven’t met yet.’ Maggie Alderson

‘Crazy Busy Guilty is instantly relatable! Whose life isn’t crazy and busy? And guilt is an occupational hazard of being a mum.’ Jessica Rowe

Praise for She's Having her Baby:

'A book so damn good that once it's over, you miss taking it to bed at night.' Cosmopolitan

'Fresh, funny and heart-warming... I couldn't put it down!' Dilvan Yasa