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Shortlisted for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Irish Writers' Centre Novel Fair Award Winner.


When a group of food-obsessed academics at Oxford University form a secret dining society, they happily devote themselves to investigating exotic and forgotten culinary treasures. Until a dish is suggested that takes them all by surprise.

Professor Arthur Plantagenet has been told he has a serious heart problem and decides that his death should not be in vain. He sets out his bizarre plan in a will, that on his death, tests the loyalty of his closest friends, the remaining members of this exclusive dining society.

A dead Japanese diplomat, police arrests and charges of grave robbing. These are just some of the challenges these culinary explorers must overcome in tackling gastronomy's ultimate taboo: cannibalism.

‘A truly compelling read with a shocking climax. Well written and incredibly descriptive, the author of this particular work has clearly done homework about the field of gastronomy to produce a wonderful and memorable read.’ Publishers Weekly

‘I was going to say a brilliant debut novel, but it needs no qualification. A brilliant novel, full stop.’ Paula Leyden, winner of the 2011/12 Eilís Dillon Award

‘Atmospheric and intriguing you will be swept along with all the marvellous and nutty characters, and this is elegantly written in a way that’s easy to love.’ Liz Loves Books

‘a superb dark comedy that’s fast paced, witty and truly entertaining.’ The Tattooed Book

‘A very British book!... It’s over the top, but funny too!’ Leeswammes’ Blog

‘…a slightly whimsical, very English comedy, in which the expected idyllic scenes of Oxford student life are undercut by Flitcroft’s sense of gothic humour and his occasionally Wodehousian turn of phrase.’ The Workshy Fop

a dark read with ribbons of comedy bursting from every which way. Flitcroft was so perfectly able to balance the engrossing plot with the desire to rush to the end to see how the shadow faculty made their way out of this enthralling mess.’ Acid Free Pulp