Print and Digital Sales Manager - Vacancy Currently Open!

Managing Legend Press and Legend Business’s Digital Sales Accounts and, in liaison with sales team, Legend Press’s store-level print sales in London.

Work within a small independent publishing team across titles from Legend Press (fiction) and Legend Business (business). Legend Press currently publishing 30 new titles in 2017 with the aim to increase the list to 60-70 titles per year by 2019.

Key Duties

- Manage the key Digital Accounts, including but not limited to: Amazon, Kobo, Apple, IPG, Overdrive, Proquest, CoreSource, Gardners and Dawsons. This includes minimum of quarterly discussion with them to review sales and put in place strategies and targets for sales growth.

- Create 12-month promotion plan for merchandising with key Digital Accounts. Submit monthly promotion submissions, usually through excel spreadsheets by the monthly deadline for each account.

- Liaise with Publicist on how best to promote digital sales and implement joint strategy for increasing visibility and sales. This includes involvement in social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and digital communities, such as through NetGalley, Goodreads and Legend 100.

- Liaise with Editorial on metadata, inputted into BooksOnix, for print and digital titles to optimise availability and merchandising across listings, including use of reviews, formatting, key words and categorisation.

- A key part of company strategy is to build store-by-store presence across the UK and the role will have responsibility for maintaining lists, contacting and visiting London bookshops to build relationships and market share and value for London bookshop outlets. Target will be for visits to be monthly to present new titles, or quarterly as a minimum.

- Support author events, taking lead for London events and supporting the organising of author events in other regions.

- Support dealing with authors’ sales and digital related enquiries.

- Manage regular email campaigns each month to retail outlets and other selected contacts. Support building up key marketing mailing lists and reviewing engagement and return rates from the company’s email marketing strategy.

- Support compiling marketing and sales packs and information, such as Advance Information Sheets and PowerPoint Presentations for sales reps and team to use for email, post and in-person sales visits and presentations.

- Producing required sales and digital reports for monthly and quarterly review.

- Being able to work to and achieve pre-agreed digital and London print sales targets.

- Handle general phone and email queries and general office administration.

Experience/Skills Required

- Minimum 2 years sales and or marketing experience.

- Excellent sales techniques and creating good rapport with potential customers.

- Good at working to targets and in a fast-moving business environment.

- Excellent attention to detail and administrative skills.

- Strong appetite for a challenge, quick development and building a permanent role within a quickly growing company.

Place of work: 107-111 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2AB. Your working hours would usually be 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. You will need to be flexible and work longer hours as required.

To apply: send your CV and covering letter to info@legend-paperbooks.co.uk The deadline for applications is Friday 21st July 2017.


Work Experience

We do offer 2 week (unpaid) work experience placements, covering a wide range of areas including editing, sales, media and marketing.

Please email info@legend-paperbooks.co.uk with your CV and cover letter.