About us

Legend Times Ltd was established in 2012 and is the holding company for five businesses: Legend Press, Paperbooks, Legend Business, New Generation Publishing and Write Connections.

Legend Press

Legend Press was founded in 2005 by Tom Chalmers and is focused predominantly on publishing mainstream literary and commercial fiction. One of the fastest-growing independent publishers, Legend Press is passionate about championing new and high-profile authors and ensuring the book remains a product of beauty, enjoyment and fulfilment. Legend Press was shortlisted for the 2011 Bookseller Independent Publisher of the Year.


Paperbooks is a recently relaunched non-fiction publisher, focusing on creating unique and creative books in a variety of genres. It's 2012 titles were in the fields of cookery and memoir, with a plan to extend this list in the coming years. (Paperbooks started life as a fiction publisher, with titles still available under this name.)

Legend Business

Legend Business was launched as an imprint of Legend Press in January 2010. Over the coming years we plan to build a wide-ranging, interactive and dynamic list of business titles and have some fascinating books in the pipeline for 2013. The imprint was founded in 2010 with the launch of Morocco: Emerging Economy of the Mediterranean, published in conjunction with the Shashoua Foundation. The book’s editor, Jonathan Reuvid, author and editor of over 80 business titles, is Legend Press’s partner in the imprint.

Jonathan has originated and edited a series of practical investment guides to the UK to a number of developing countries, all the Central and Eastern European countries that became EU members in May 2004, to Morocco and, since 1994, an acclaimed series of guides to doing business with China. An Oxford MA, he was formerly an economist with the French national oil company, CFP, and later Director of European Operations for a US Fortune 500 manufacturing multinational before embarking on a second career in publishing. 

New Generation Publishing

New Generation Publishing is a UK based market-leading self-publishing company, providing writers with all they need to publish a book. With the rapid growth of options available to writers looking to get published, New Generation Publishing provides everything a writer would receive from self-publishers and traditional publishers, and more.

Write Connections

Write-Connections is a venture promoting young writers, providing a free resource, as well as events and competitions, to assist aspiring writers to get started and progress their writing careers. With a strong belief in the talent and the need for young writers in today’s book market, Write-Connections aims to provide the platform for writers of today and of the future.