About us

Paperbooks is a recently re-launched non-fiction publisher, focusing on creating unique and creative books in a variety of genres. Our 2012/13 titles were in the fields of cookery and memoir, with a plan to extend this list in the coming years. (Paperbooks started life as a fiction publisher, with titles still available under this name).

Paperbooks is run by the award-winning team behind Legend Press.

Paperbooks is part of the Legend Times Ltd Group 

Legend Times Ltd was established in 2012 and is the holding company for five businesses: Legend Press (fiction publisher), Paperbooks, Legend Business (business book publisher), New Generation Publishing (self-publishing company) and Write Connections (an online writing community for young writers).

A little bit about Tom Chalmers

Tom Chalmers is the MD of Paperbooks Ltd, as well as the Legend Times group as a whole. In 2007 Tom was shortlisted for UK Young Publisher of the Year and UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and was also longlisted for the Enterprising Young Brit Award. An English graduate from Liverpool University, he worked in book and magazine publishing for three years before setting-up Legend Press, a mainstream fiction book publisher, in 2005 aged 25.

Against the odds, starting with no capital in an industry where large funds are the norm for a sustainable start-up, Tom has been tipped to be the most influential independent publisher of his generation and Legend Times Ltd is predicted to be at the forefront of change in a rapidly-evolving industry.

His publishing group Legend Times Ltd now contains five companies and he is a director for two further companies. In 2012, he launched new venture IPR License, a platform on which to list and license literary rights. Chalmers also speaks regularly on publishing and business and is an Enterprise Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust.

Getting published by us

Submissions of non-fiction are very welcome. We publish a diverse list and are looking for fresh books from authors who are fun and inspiring to work with. Please submit using our new website submissions process.

Our mission statement

We are constantly looking to diversify and expand our range of publications.

Our commitment to authors is to:

  • provide talented and aspiring authors with a platform on which to develop and succeed.
  • retain the author’s individual message, style and intention.
  • encourage and assist the author in using their work as a vehicle for their creativity and as an opportunity to test and develop their thoughts, ideas and perceptions.  

Our publications will:

  • provide entertainment, to trigger thought and to provide the reader with a picture they could not otherwise access.
  • reflect and examine various forms of society as well as increasing awareness and understanding of situations whether directly relevant or new to the reader.
  • examine the bigger picture while not missing the infinite smaller details that make up that picture.

Our product will:

  • be individual and created to complement and reflect the author’s work. 
  • provide value for money through as many outlets as possible for the reader.
  • allow the author to reach the reader through as many mediums and forms as possible.

In the future Paperbooks will:

  • stay on the cutting edge while not dismissing or ignoring the importance of what has gone before.
  • continue to champion the book as irreplaceable and vital to society.
  • always look for new areas to develop into
  • maintain our goal to provide the reader with something new with each publication.