Introducing Flash Fiction Wednesdays!

Every week, we bring you a fresh, original 200-word story from one of of Legend's stable of exceptionally talented authors. Follow us on twitter with #LegendFlashFic to share and comment. This week, we present Amy's Tattoo by Bea Davenport.

When I pull the needle out of my arm, it sticks for a second and makes a tiny popping sound. The purple-blue ink spot mingles with a little blood. I’m not squeamish – I’ve seen more blood than that before. The violence of the red doesn’t shock me anymore. I give the pinprick a little pat and dip the needle back in the ink.

I’ve drawn the pattern already in felt tip. C-L-A-R-E. But you can only know what it spells if you can do reporters’ shorthand. So it’s like my secret code. And hers.

The skin around the little wounds raises up, a hot and angry pink. One of the kids here had to go to hospital after botching his tattoo – it went black and swollen, like the scorpion he’d drawn was actually living under his flesh. But I’m going to take care of this and keep it clean, because one day I will show it to Clare.

I wrote her a couple of letters, but I never got an answer. She has a life to get on with, I suppose. I don’t. But I want her to know I will never forget. 


Bea is the author of 'In Too Deep' and 'This Little Piggy' both available via Amazon and in bookshops.