ThisisWriting interview with Liam Brown

Thisiswriting.com has interviewed Liam Brown about his incredible debut novel 'Real Monsters' and his writing process.

Liam, introduce yourself to our readers and tell them about Real Monsters

Hi, readers, what would you like to know? My name is Liam Brown. I’m 31. I live in Birmingham, England.  I have a couple of kids, who are both smarter/more photogenic than I’ll ever be. My height is 5’9”. My waist is 30”. I worry about getting my 5-a-day. I worry about the amount of coffee I drink. I worry about what social media is doing to our relationships. I worry about getting old. I worry about having enough money to pay my rent. I have a degree in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing. I eat meat but I feel bad about it. I make New Year’s resolutions I never intend to keep. Sometimes I wake up in the night and feel like I can’t breathe. I like to run. One day I might run away...

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Real Monsters

We are surrounded by monsters. The lines are now so blurred, no one knows who the real enemy is anymore.

Reeling from the terrorist attack that killed her father, Lorna lurches through an inebriated adolescence until she finds redemption in a young soldier called Danny. However, her dream of a stable life is shattered when Danny is called to serve overseas. 

Danny is lost in the desert. Most of his unit is dead – victims, it would seem, of a brutal ambush. With their equipment destroyed and food running out, the small band of men stumble through the sand and shadows, desperate to find salvation. As their hope fades, they begin to turn on each other, until finally it becomes clear that only the truly monstrous will survive.

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