The Novel is in Great Health - After Nyne Meets Publisher Tom Chalmers

After Nyne interviews Tom Chalmers to discuss the 10 year anniversary of Legend Press and the two titles that have been longlisted for the Baileys Prize.

In their tenth anniversary year independent best-selling publishing house Legend Press has a lot to celebrate, not least that two of their titles – After Before (Jemma Wayne) and Life of a Banana (PP Wong) – have just been shortlisted for the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction.

After Nyne’s Daniel David Gothard went to meet Legend founder Tom Chalmers to find out about his inspirations, his opinions on the death of the novel, and what the Baileys win would mean for Legend.

Tom, many congratulations on the 10th anniversary of Legend Press.

It’s an incredible achievement for a small publisher to have survived across the past decade – financial crisis, changes in book formats, etc. What do you attribute the continuing success of Legend Press to – apart from your leadership?

The last ten years has been a vantage point to massive change in book publishing – the industry of 2015 looks completely different from that of 2005. I think using the advantages of being a small company – being fast-moving, creative and taking risks with new ideas – and making up for the lack of resources of large companies by never panicking when there are issues, finding solutions and passion and dedication to what we are trying to achieve.


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