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Published on 31st October 2015

‘What’s that you say? A turkey is a turkey. Of course it is, but that dry over-cooked bird will soar when stuffed with pigeon breast, foie gras, black truffles and a few ortolan…’

This book will help you create a Christmas dinner that is so wildly impressive that even the most curmudgeonly great aunt or begrudging mother-in-law will swoon.

Why let the millionaires be restricted to shortbread? From a morning Myrrthini, to an after dinner 1918 vintage Armagnac this will be a feast that no one will forget.

Grab your apron, put on your chef’s hat and let the games commence!

'Well written and incredibly descriptive, the author has clearly done homework about the field of gastronomy to produce a wonderful and memorable read.' --Publishers Weekly

'This is the perfect little gift for the gourmet in your life, the classy cook in the kitchen or the millionaire (in his or her own mind) who just wants to impress.' --The Fine Times Recorder