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**From the winner of the 2003 Bridport International Short Story Prize with The Crossing** **Winner of the 2004 Royal Society of Literature VS Pritchett Memorial Prize**

USuzwe is an African country rotten with corruption. Its rulers systematically pillage the economy, rob the charities and drain the aid budgets of gullible Western countries. However, a group of citizens rebel against the poverty, food shortages, bankrupt social services, disease and early deaths and plan to topple the regime within a week, their unsuspecting instrument ex-Royal Marine Commando Johnny.

Johnny arrives in the Kingdom of USuzwe like any other tourist, intent on enjoying its palm-fringed beaches, game parks and beautiful girls. But when his brother mysteriously disappears, he finds himself the object of a huge police manhunt. Guided by Ephraim and the beautiful Lindiwe Dhlimani, Johnny begins the systematic destruction of the snakes of Kisingo’s regime, but at a terrible price.