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Jack meets Francesca. Older than him by some years, he is captivated. But behind their first encounter lies a scandalous history. A story he is unaware of.


Even though she in turn will fall for Jack, the truth must eventually emerge. With everything changed, fractured relationships and shattered lives must be salvaged or left to turn to dust. 

As all those around him face up to the impossibility of escaping their own selves, Jack's world rapidly unravels.

‘An impressive debut novel. Mattu's dialogue is fresh and compelling, capturing his precisely-drawn characters perfectly. The London of the novel charms the reader, bursting with music and romance, while at the same time intimidating with its alcohol-soaked mysteries. This is a novel about revelations, but also about what remains hidden; it is also an at times painfully truthful account of life as a twentysomething trying to get by in an unforgiving metropolis.’ - Dr. John Morton, Lecturer in English, University of Greenwich, UK

'Haunting and gripping ... I felt the transcending presence of London at every page corner. The people in the drama are almost epiphenomenona, inflammations of the urban tissue which eventually self-repairs in the serenity of the end of the day.' - Paul Bouissac, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto (Victoria College), Canada