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She called herself Silent Anna because she couldn't tell anyone what happened between her and her stepfather.


Now, many years later, she breaks the silence to reveal the sexual abuse she suffered, its impact on her life and how she has finally managed to overcome it. It's me, Anna is based on a true story. 

This book is a must read. Not only because it tells the story of a young girl's determination to survive and to overcome her traumatic childhood, but also because the story is told with such sincerity and honesty.

‘At times you’ll want to stop but the author… writes without self-pity and with such candour that you’ll only put the book down at the very end.’ – Cosmopolitan

‘A raw, harrowing story told with such honesty, it’s impossible not to be drawn to it.’ – Marie Claire

‘Not for the faint-hearted… The author has the courage to give voice to the voiceless.’ – iAfrica Entertainment

‘the author gives an open and honest account of the abuse she suffered and the effect it had on her life... I read it in one sitting... Encouraging words from a courageous woman who is raising awareness about child abuse and its devastating consequences’ – The Sunday Independent

‘a tearjerker with a potential to elicit the rawest of emotions. Because the book is such a good read, one will not want to put it down; but have the tissues nearby.’ - Annaleigh Vallie, Business Day